Baguio X La Union Getaway: The Itinerary

Monday, February 20, 2017

UPDATED: 02/01/2018

Having lived in B City for 5 years, I always make it a point to come back every once in a while and experience the cold breeze of my second home.

 Camp John Hay

And since it's just a few hours away from my "home beach"(it's the beach I feel most at home and comfortable with) San Juan, La Union, I also try to swing by for a visit there as well.

Brgy. Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union - one of the famous surfing spots in La Union 

Cold Baguio Weather + Beach Bumming and Surfing in La Union = PERFECT SUMMER GETAWAY!

HOW TO GET TO BAGUIO CITY:Victory Liner buses have trips heading to Baguio every day, every hour. Rates for a Regular air-conditioned bus is around Php 450. That has 2 stopovers and travel time usually takes 5 to 7 hrs. (TIP: We usually travel around 1am or 2am since the travel time is way faster because of the lack of traffic and we just sleep through the whole trip.)  They also have a Deluxe bus but with limited trips. It's around Php 750 pesos, without stopovers and a restroom inside.


For the past 3 years, whenever we visit we always stay at COSFORT SUITES. It's right in front of the Victory Liner Terminal and it's within the city proper so it's really convenient. AND it's cheap! It's just your typical transient room with Cable TV, WiFi, and your own bathroom. But who needs a fancy schmancy place to stay in when you're gonna be out roaming around B City anyway right?  Rates for a Room for 2 is at Php 900 a night and Php 1200 for a room for 4.


So if you traveled around midnight like we did you'd probably arrive around 8am and since check-in is not until 12nn, we dropped by my all-time favorite place to eat breakfast, Pizza Volante! They have a few branches all over the city but we prefer their Ayala Technohub, Camp John Hay branch. It's a 24-hour Italian restaurant which offers a wide variety of meals to choose from.

Volante's Grilled Pork 100g for Php 89 (Vegetables are really really fresh!)

Another food place I'd recommend is the Cholo's Gastro Park. It's a chill food park that serves Filipino Comfort Food and other Asian Cuisines. The best part? There's a band to serenade you while you eat delicious food! 

You can also try Korean Place at South Drive. It's the most sulit korean buffet I ever got to try. It's priced at P399 per head. 

Other Restaurants: Canto Bogchi Joint, Cafe by the Ruins Dua, Good Taste, Grumpy Joe, Zola, Arca's Yard

There are also these not so famous places you can visit that'll totally be worth your time like BENCAB MUSEUM, TAM-AWAN VILLAGE, and the newly opened MUSEO KORDILYERA.

But for me, the best places to visit in Baguio are the COFFEE SHOPS! One of my all time fave is located in Legarda area, KAFFEEKLATSCH.

They open around 5pm and it's the perfect place to chill, reminisce with friends and feel all sentimental. They have different bands playing every night. I don't know what is but this place has a way dictating your mood and feels depending on what's song is playing. Our Baguio visit wouldn't be complete without having a cup of coffee at Kaffeeklatsch!

Other places where you can chill: Baguio Craft Brewery, Red Lion, Pepper Strings, Hardin, Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint 


On our second day, we pack our things and head to Partas Terminal at Governor Pack Road and ride a bus going to Laoag. We just tell the conductor to drop us off at Kahuna Resort (But that's not where we're gonna stay LOL. It doesn't fit this DIY trip's budget). The two-hour bus ride from Baguio to La Union costs around Php 100.

The beach is just a five-minute walk from where the bus will drop you off. For an overnight stay we usually just find a transient room around the area.We were able to get a transient room for Php 1000 overnight stay. Just ask the locals and they will happily point you to your preferred accommodation. But during summer and surf break season, you definitely need a reservation since San Juan really gets packed during these times.

San Juan, La Union - Surfing Capital of the North 

Sometimes, what we do is just visit La Union for just a few hours. Travel first thing in the morning, spend the whole day under the sun and wait for the beautiful sunset before heading back to Baguio City.

Admiring the sunset (and each other) with the boyfriend

If you want some kind of adventure, you can visit TANGADAN FALLS. Just ask the tricycle drivers and they'll bring you there. Be ready because it's a 1 hour trek before you reach the falls.

Tangadan Falls, San Gabriel, La Union 

Some restaurants worth trying are the SEBAY RESTAURANT and SEA NYMPH SURF CAFE which have perfect views of the sea!

Ice cold beer while watching the sunset at SEBAY RESTAURANT 

You can also try eating at TAGPUAN and EL UNION COFFEE. For the night life, SURF SHACK and the ever so famous FLOTSAM & JETSAM are perfect for a relaxing beer with friends kind of ganap.

At Tagpuan sa San Juan

Packed on a Saturday night. They have bands playing all night long!

We've been doing this Baguio - La Union getaway for three years now and we just shuffle up our itinerary every time.With this trip we spent 3 Days and 2 Nights in Baguio and La Union. The whole trip costs around Php 4,000 each (for two people) but it could definitely be cheaper depending on where you eat and how you go around place by place. (TIP: It's waaay cheaper if you go in groups!)

Here's a video of one of our trips!

Would you go on a Baguio X La Union getaway? Let me know in the comments!


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