NETFLIX AND CHILL: Top 5 Series to Binge-Watch

Thursday, March 23, 2017

I just subscribed to Netflix a few weeks ago and I've been hooked ever since. It's actually kinda killing my productivity (as in big time!) but I just couldn't get enough of all the shows I can watch that's just one click away wherever I go.

So here are 5 of the best Netflix Originals I've watched so far:

1. Orange is the New Black

OITNB is considered to be the best and most watched Netflix Original. This dramedy just tugged at my heart in more ways than one. The show humanizes the people that have been ousted by society, turning criminals into actual human beings and showing us the other side of the story. OITNB narrates the lives of the inmates before, during and after their stay in prison.

For four seasons now, this show has made me mad, laugh, lust, cry and crazy countless times. It has also opened my eyes to things I never even knew happens in the real world.

2. Riverdale


This new Netflix original is based on the Archie Comics but splashed with a darker vibe. It kind of reminds me of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars combined because of Jughead's narration and all the High School drama plus the murder mystery.

The series starts off with the mysterious murder of Jason Blossom that shook the entire Riverdale community. Each episode has a killer cliff hanger that makes you ache for more. Definitely the opposite of what we've read in the comic version. Aside from all the drama, everyone just can't stop gushing over Archie Andrews which is played by KJ Apa and Jughead Jones played by Cole Sprouse (FAVE)!! Season 1 ends on May 7th so try to catch it now!

3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt revolves around a 29-year-old Indiana girl who, together with 3 other women, just escaped 15 years of captivity from a psycho cult leader. This comedy series shows how Kimmy tries to hustle in New York City and does her best to adapt to life in the 21st century.

Kimmy's innocence and struggles, combined with her gay roommate's (Titus Andromedon) attempt to be a broadway performer and her gazillionaire friend/employer's (Jacquline White) rich people problems make this series so hilariously entertaining.

4. Black Mirror

Black Mirror is far from the typical shows we've been used to watching. It's a series of stand-alone dramas that feature how dark and cynical the modern world can be.  Each episode has a different set of characters, setting, and a plot that tackle socially relevant problems which mostly center on the consequences of new technology in our society.

Every time I watch an episode of Black Mirror, I find myself questioning my lifestyle, the set of morals I grew up with, and how much we humans depend on technology in every single thing that we do. Black Mirror is definitely one of the most relevant shows we have today.

5. Stranger Things 


For me, Stranger Things is the champ of cliff hangers (HTGAWM not far behind)! This sci-fi horror set in the 80's follows the life of 5 child protagonists, Eleven, Mike, Will, Dustin and Lucas. The story starts with Will's inexplicable disappearance. Mike, Lucas and Dustin came looking for him but found Eleven instead, a strange little girl who has extraordinary capabilities.

Telekinetic powers, monsters, heroes and science experiments gone wrong. The show gives us the mystery that we crave for. It gives us enough information to quench the thirst for answers but at the same time leaves us wanting to know more. Stranger Things is mysterious and spooky but has a touch of humor to it, definitely a must-watch!


  • Narcos

  • Gossip Girl

  • Vampire Diaries

  • How to Get Away with Murder

  • Suits

  • Pretty Little Liars

  • Sherlock

Aside from all the series, Netflix also has a wide range of Movies to choose from.


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