The 30 by 30 list

Friday, March 3, 2017

I've been all talk and no game for the past n years now. Babbling about all the things I want to do but not actually doing anything to make them possible. So in order to push myself out of my comfort zone I decided to make a list of all the things I want should try, experience and accomplish by the age of 30.

#1 Eat a whole burger

This might be weird for others but for those who know me, they know how much of a picky eater I am. I don't like eating burgers, pizza, chicken nuggets, popcorn, marshmallows etc.

#2 Start a business (or start saving for one)

Like every other millennial, I do not see myself working for someone for the rest of my life. So really, the ultimate goal is to have my own business so I can be my own boss.

#3 Create my own YouTube Channel (DID IT! Posted my first Vlog last Feb. 6, 2017)

I am such a fan of ItsJudysLife, I watch it religiously! I even bought a VIP ticket to her Meet & Greet here in Manila last January. She just really inspires me which is why I also want to start Vlogging like her!

#4 Start my own blog!  (DID IT! Posted my first entry last Feb 19, 2017 and bought a domain last Feb. 23, 2017!)

A way for me to express myself and just have a space where I can share my thoughts and experiences with other people.

#5 Dye my hair gray  (DID IT!!! Dyed my hair gray March 5, 2017! Watch the vlog here!)

#6 Reach my ideal weight

#7 Cut my hair off   
(I did it. Hair fall was too much after I gave birth so had to cut my hair short

My hair sort of serves as my comfort blanket so this one's gonna be tough!

#8 Start a collection

Always wanted to collect watches. It's expensive I know! Which means I really have to hustle.

#9 Write a short story

I've had these crazy ideas in my head I'd like to put into words someday!

#10 Go Sky Diving or Bungee Jumping

I have a fear of heights. Like I-can't-even-look-over-the-balcony-in-malls-without-flinching kind of fear so yep, this is another hard one.

#11 Fulfill my rock star princess dream and perform in front of a crowd (DONE!!! Got to perform at the debut of my friend's sister. Here's a photo!)

I've imagined myself as a rock star princess performing Paramore's For a Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic on stage countless times.

#12 Treat my family to a vacation

#13 Travel to Bohol

#14 Start investing
(Didn't waste anytime and started 2018 right! Got an insurance+investment account as Sunlife!)

I read this article a few weeks ago and there's this line that struck me, “If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” So  I thought investing would be perfect.

#15 Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Japan

It's Harry freaking Potter!! Need I say more?

#16 Buy my own camera (Was able to buy a FUJIFILM X-A3!! Yeyyy! )

#17 Attend a cooking class

I really really really love to cook and my Mom said I'm good at it. (haha)

#18 Learn more about Digital Marketing

#19 Travel around Asia

#20 Buy a decent laptop for editing videos

#21 Have my own place

#22 Learn to make my eyebrows on point

I'm not a girly girl. I don't really know much about make-up, just the basics. I've mastered putting on an eyeliner but eyebrows, not so much.

#23 Get better at editing videos/photos

#24 Go to a Casino

#25 Go on a weekend vacation on my own

#26 Dance again

Like just have one last performance or something. LOL! I loved to dance when I was in Highschool. I was part of this dance group Danceformers  and also the Pep Squad.

#27 Take my Mom to Laos

A bit personal. I know that she would really love to go there someday.

#28 Climb a Mountain with Jason

I hate these kinds of things. I'm not an outdoorsy person and I don't like doing things that's really tiring, but since I know Jason  wants to do it then I'm gonna suck it up so we can do it together.

#29 Run a marathon

#30 Say YES to everything for a day

Got 6 years to check everything off the list! Wish me luck!! xoxo

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