2017: Year in Review

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

It's been a month since we've welcomed the new year and yet I can't help but reminisce about everything that has happened in 2017. It might not have been the best year for me but it sure as hell is an interesting one!

My 2017 Highlights:

  • Had an existential crisis on my 24th birthday which ended up being the best thing that's ever happened to me because it made me take a step back and realize the things I want to do.
  • STARTED VLOGGING - part of the realization was trying things and vlogging was one of them. Posted a couple of videos early this year, hope I could post more videos this year! Visit my channel here.
  • IELINTHEMIDDLE - aside from vlogging I wanted a platform where I can share my thoughts, experiences, and whatnots, thus leading me to this blog, ielinthemiddle! As you can see, it's still a work in progress, still trying to get a feel of what I want this blog to be but the goal is to definitely post more :)
  • Checked off tons on my 30 BY 30 LIST. I realized last year that I haven't really done much in my 24 years of existence so I made a list of things that I want to do before I turn 30. So far I checked off the following
    • Create my own YouTube channel
    • Start a Blog
    • Dye my hair gray. Watch the video here!
    • Fulfill my rock star dream and perform in front of a crowd - performed a few songs at the debut of my friend's sister.
    • Start investing - One step towards adulting!! Proud of myself for starting the year right by getting an insurance + investment account at Sunlife!
    • Buy my own camera - FINALLY!!! So happy with this purchase!!
   Surprisingly, I checked off a lot from the list this past year. Can't wait to do more this year!!
  • Elyu X Baguio - My year wouldn't be complete if I didn't get to visit my second home B City and my second home adjacent La Union!!! And for 2017, I was lucky enough to celebrate Labor Day in La Union and spend some much-needed quality time with my fam in Baguio last Christmas. 
  • Getaway with HS BFFs after 10 years of friendship and tons of "puro plano na lang" lakads we finally, finally had a chance to go out of town together. We went to a beach in UNISAN, QUEZON! The place was so peaceful and chill. Probinsya life at it's finest! Best part? No cellphone signal so we were able to really bond with each other!

  • Work Anniversary - After a year of jumping from one company to another, I finally found a job I don't hate (I think) and celebrated a work anniversary!
  • TAIWANNIVERSARY! This is definitely THE highlight of my year because 1. It's my first plane ride (woo!) 2. It's my first out of the country trip and 3. This is where Jason and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary!

Reminiscing about the past year made me realize that the highlights wouldn't be as happy and fulfilling if it wasn't for all the challenging in-betweens I had to go through to get to it. Despite all the wrong turns I've made in the past year, I am thankful for all the experiences and blessings that I received and I am so looking forward to a happier, better and more productive year!


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