Hi I'm Iel Romano!👑

It's pronounced e-yel (as in the letter e plus yell).  I'm a yuppie currently working in the field of Marketing, struggling to find my place in this world full of uber-competitive and talented millennials

Ever since I graduated college in 2014 I kept telling myself and other people, that I'm gonna do something with my life other than the 9 to 6 office work. I really wanted to have a platform where I'd be able to express myself and show the world what I've got.

But as I turned 24 I realized that I'm all talk and no game. I promised myself that I'm gonna leave my comfort zone and start really living my life. I was like "damn it Iel just do it okay." Thus iel in the middle was born.

So this is my attempt to push myself to live more & fear less. Boost my self-esteem, build my confidence and show the universe what I can do.  Here you'll read my thoughts, feels and experiences on work, life, traveling, food and life in general. This is me figuring stuff out one little step at a time.

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